Subcutaneous Injection

by: Dr. G.F. Kennedy

All my routes to therapy in sheep and goats are subcutaneous or oral.The only exception would be intravenous in critical situations where replacement therapy is needed and they are few. The time lag between subcutaneous and intramuscular injection is minimal and by maximizing dosage, therapy can be extended. Longer slaughter withdrawals may be indicated. One might argue that PG600 should be IM, I have used it subcutaneously with expected results.

Subcutaneous injection results in less tissue damage and less discomfort for the animal. I avoid the neck as an injection area and prefer over the rib cage with a 5/8 16 gauge needle in adult or weaned lambs. I like the flank area in lambs or over rib cage. Stay out of the axillary space, under the front leg.

About Ask-a-Vet Sheep

Veterinary services, procedures, biologicals, and drugs mentioned in this publication represent the personal opinions and clinical observations of the contributing author. They are in no way intended to be interpreted as recommendations without the consent of the producer’s own practicing Veterinarian. We strongly urge that producers establish a patient-client-veterinarian relationship that allows extra-label use when there are no drugs approved for treatment or if approved drugs are not effective. This procedure allows veterinarians to go beyond label directions when “prudent use” is necessary. The limited availability of drugs and biologics in this country is a major factor in restricting the growth of the sheep industry and allowing producers to compete in the world market place.
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