Another Thought on Prevention and Treatment of Abortion

by: Dr. G.F. Kennedy

I was visiting with a veterinary diagnostician today about what the best method to prevent Chlaymidia abortion is. He believes that it is more effective to feed 700 to 800mg tetracycline for 5 days then none for two weeks then repeat. He believes the lower levels fed continually allows for some infections and abortions but not an epidemic. He feels consumption is inadequate to protect all of the animals and while the lesions are not as severe they still result in abortion.

Why not inject with LA 200 every two weeks? If you have 500 ewes I believe you know the answer. Working the ewes every two weeks is labor intensity that is not needed and may lead to abortion and other problems.

In view of this, I am wondering in other abortion outbreaks where previously I would recomend 1 pound of 2 gram AS 700 to six head for ten days maybe it should be one pound to four head. I will probably try it next time. I usually say if it’s not broke don’t fix it, but these levels are not toxic so it’s worth a try.

As we continue to see some stubborn and disastrous vibrio abortions, some people have injected six cc of Nuflor per 100 pounds of body weight subcutaneously with success. Very few vibrio outbreaks respond to tetracyclines any more.


About Ask-a-Vet Sheep

Veterinary services, procedures, biologicals, and drugs mentioned in this publication represent the personal opinions and clinical observations of the contributing author. They are in no way intended to be interpreted as recommendations without the consent of the producer’s own practicing Veterinarian. We strongly urge that producers establish a patient-client-veterinarian relationship that allows extra-label use when there are no drugs approved for treatment or if approved drugs are not effective. This procedure allows veterinarians to go beyond label directions when “prudent use” is necessary. The limited availability of drugs and biologics in this country is a major factor in restricting the growth of the sheep industry and allowing producers to compete in the world market place.
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